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Certified Professional Development training - we want to hear from you!

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12 Mar 2015
As a business, Sellick Partnership are always seeking new ways we can add value to our clients. As such, Sellick Partnership Legal host numerous networking and training events nationwide in partnership with reputable firms or specialist Chambers which allow us to really add value to the market  we recruit into.

2015/2016 will see a complete overhaul in Certified Professional Development training for solicitors, legal executives and barristers and as such we are keen to hear from such professionals to see what training events you would be interested in and would add value to your career. You can take part in our survey here.


Solicitors currently have to undertake a minimum of 16 hours of CPD per year if they are working in legal practice or employment in England and Wales and undertake 32 hours a week. The Solicitors Regulation Authority determines to meet the CPD requirement, a minimum of 25 per cent of every solicitor's and REL's CPD activities each year must consist of participation in accredited training courses. CPD training courses are accredited exclusively by providers authorised by the SRA.

In 2014, The Solicitors Regulation Authority Board announced a new approach to ensure solicitors remain competent through their careers but the need to complete 16 hours training a year is now going to be removed. The new approach is due to be phased in from Spring 2015 with a full implementation in 2016. The SRA opted for the new implementation to focus on;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of training;
  • giving individuals and employers more flexibility and choice in the training they feel is appropriate for them;
  • reducing the burden of regulation;
  • to revoke the current CPD scheme and rely instead on a proper standard of legal practice, training and supervision.
Fellow Associate and legal executives

2014/2015 CPD requirements are met by undertaking a minimum of 9 CPD entries with at least 1 entry being within their professionalism. You must log your CPD onto myCILEx by September 2015. All CILEx Advocates must ensure that 2 of their 9 entries are undertaken in advocacy skills. You must keep a record of your CPD cycle of 2 years.


June 2014 brought Barristers the option that they no longer have to return their CPD cards to the Bar Standards Board but they must still undertake their CPD hours and keep a record highlighting that a random spot check of Barristers CPD cards.You must always provide the following information;

  • Certificate of attendance or;
  • Letter from University if taking or teaching a course; 
  • Course materials or course invoices
  • Test results if applicable; and 
  • Booking confirmation or other correspondence with course provider.
There has been much debate about the relevance of CPD training events and whether professionals are actually attending the relevant training events which match their skills. As an organisation, we are very interested to hear what you are interested in for training events/ legal updates and what will add value for you and your organisation.

I'd be really grateful if you would take part in our survey, so we can continue to offer the best possible additions for your career development. You can complete the survey here.
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