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Chase Your Feedback

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03 Mar 2014

Hugh Almond and I were recently asked to speak at an AAT conference for 120 part qualified graduates. The topics we presented on were CV preparation and interview techniques. Following the conference, both Hugh and myself have received fantastic feedback from attendees, with many asking for us to advise on their existing CVs.

Both from Sellick Partnership's perspective and for our candidates, it is clear that feedback is imperative in providing the right level of service.

As a recruitment company, we are fully aware that first impressions count and this is also the case with CVs; your CV is the first thing a client will see when applying for a job and, in many cases, you may never know why you have not been selected. Although detailed feedback isn't always feasible from an application alone, a total lack of acknowledgment can be disheartening and has a discouraging effect.

During any recruitment process, Sellick Partnership endeavour to gather as much feedback as possible to relay back to our candidates. It is essential to gain as much constructive information to take into either the next stage of the process or their next application. We pride ourselves on responding to every application within 48 hours of receipt and at every chance we will provide feedback as to why candidates have or have not been shortlisted to the next stage of the recruitment process.

As well as with your CV, feedback is essential in the growth and development of candidates following an interview - and this is something that we will always pass on from our clients. You can use constructive feedback to improve your interviewing technique and this feedback could play a key role in allowing you to attain your next position. Positive feedback is equally as important in boosting confidence and giving you an awareness of their key strengths.

Part of our recruitment service involves requesting client and candidate feedback forms from every role we support in - this is to ensure we can continually learn from and improve our service.

If you would like any feedback on the format of your CV or current career situation, connect with me on LinkedIn or e-mail

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