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Christmas career lull-aby

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17 Dec 2014
Christmas is fast approaching and it is already nearing the end of our third week of December... Our team in Newcastle are still very busy with both temporary and permanent vacancies available and it is unbelievable to think I've been with the business for nearly a year to date!

I was recruited in early January this year, coming in as a graduate and it has been a whirlwind of a year from the outset. Starting with our team as a Resourcing Consultant, my main duties included working with our candidates, dedicating time to register new individuals, preparing interviews and matching skills to our client's briefs. Looking back over the year, Sellick Partnership has given me the opportunity to really expand my skill set, alongside my main role as a Resourcing Consultant I organised the Manchester's' Professionals Cricket League 2014 - which has been a huge success raising more money for our chosen charities. The year was off to a flying start (minus some cancellations with the inevitable English weather)!

As we headed towards the end of the year - there was room in our team for growth - our new Resourcing Consultant has recently started with us. Kathryn Heeler joined us new to recruitment (like myself) and in early December I was promoted to my new role as a consultant, as I get into the swing of things with my new role it's not quite the same for everyone at this time of year.

Recruitment can get very slow on the lead up to the Christmas holidays, many clients take leave and some businesses close over the festive period. However it is a good time to rebuild your CV with achievements over the past year and for some it may also be time for the yearly bonus.

Over the past few years, many employees have been without this as businesses and companies muddled through the financial crisis. However in the past few weeks many candidates are telling me this isn't the case anymore as they gear up expecting their bonuses' and even a salary rise in the new year.

The job market in the North East is picking up both in the public and private sectors and although we will inevitably reach a quiet period over the Christmas and New Year this is not the time to stop looking! Many clients and companies are looking forward to 2015 and planning for their recruitment within January.

Step up your search today and send your CV to Kate Wilkinson or alternatively you can call her on 0191 261 8585 for a confidential conversation.

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