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Christmas stress!

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16 Dec 2014
Stress is part of everyday life, it is something that we have all suffered from and dealt with quite frequently. This is more so felt in the lead up to the Christmas period.

Images of families and individuals in the media enjoying a picture perfect Christmas adds to the desire to re-create this, managing a professional life simultaneously also adds to the pressure and stress. Businesses feel the strain during the festive season with employees taking time off work often leaving a skeleton team to hold the fort.  While those employees that are off have to manage the workload appropriately.

However, stress is seen as a negative experience and even the thought of it can bring on an anxious feeling. This is supported by the way in which the media portrays negative images of stress advertising the dangers of stress on an individual's health and promoting ways in which to lead a stress free life.

Of course too much stress can lead to ill health, but in fact experiencing a certain level of stress is not always a bad thing, and could be of a positive impact on your life.

Positive stress of a moderate level experienced in short periods can be motivating and increase productivity.

The type of person that would benefit from this kind of stress would have a competitive and ambitious personality, the stress acts as a trigger, like a rush of adrenaline leading to increased energy and can be deemed as a positive experience.

A working professional should use stressful periods as a challenge, certain challenges that we face in the work environment can be deemed stressful, however without these challenges there is the risk of boredom which in turn will lead to lower productivity.

Stress can cause us to think differently (outside of the box), where we can come up with creative solutions to problems and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

The key is to try and change the perception of stress and adjust to it. Stress moves us forward, the more our mind can handle the more we can become capable of handling which can assist with personal growth.

When we reflect on a stressful period that we have encountered we can also see what we achieved from the experience.

Come Christmas morning all the extra stress seems more than worth it!

In short we stress because we care, stress is unavoidable, the key is to recognise it and manage it and use to our advantage.

Do you think a little bit of stress can be a good thing? Let us know your thoughts below
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