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Christmas time

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19 Dec 2014
I'm in the city in the middle of the shopping centre on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas, already I'm regretting my decision to 'pop' in to town and finish my Christmas shopping! There's people everywhere, all scurrying around like ants trying to get all their presents sorted and the food for the festive period bought. I'm struck how no one seems to be paying attention to anyone around them or indeed seem to be enjoying themselves.
I however have been super organised this year and only have to get the required 'Secret Santa' gifts for work colleagues. I feel like I'm not a part of the ant colony and can actually enjoy the festive elements that everyone seems to be oblivious too, such as the Christmas songs playing in all the shops, 'Santa's grotto' and his elves in the middle of the Shopping centre with the young child in the queue excitedly telling their mum what they're going to ask Santa for when they meet him and walking past the cafes and coffee shops with the aromas of Gingerbread and Cinnamon floating out.

I'm comforted by the fact that at least, come Christmas Eve, everyone else should have all their shopping in hand and can actually enjoy the '12 Days of Christmas'. I've always known these 12 days exist but in my head it ended on the 1st of January, however I've discovered today that dependant on which part of the world you live in it actually runs until either the 5th or 6th of January. So, I've now got an excuse to enjoy the festive period for longer!!
Christmas and New Year, as busy as it is, is a perfect wind down time for most and an opportunity to have a well-deserved rest with loved ones before starting a brand new year. Knowing that the 12 days don't finish until after the 1st of January has made me think that I should use these days to get myself organised for the year ahead and complete all those menial tasks I put to one side because I'm always 'too busy'. This will help me plan better for the year ahead and take away some of the craziness that I always feel.
Have you thought about your plan for the New Year? Maybe you've decided now's the time to look for a new job opportunity or you've put your progression track on hold a little longer than expected and want to get it firmly back on track?

If this sounds like you then contact the Midlands Team for a confidential chat on 01332 542580.
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