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Creativity Will Create Success

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04 Apr 2014

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on” - Albert Einstein

Creating a creative culture in all working environments should surely be the atmosphere that leaders, bosses and managers strive to accomplish within the work place. But what does it mean, and can we define everything that 'creativity' is?

In my opinion, our professional success is based on it. Generating visionary, inventive and inspired ideas which ultimately drive creativity in the workplace isn't an easy ideal to establish but can be the difference between a good and great business.

Creativity should be earned and it should be fought for. It should be reviewed, thrown out, argued over, discussed, re-examined and revised. If an idea isn't accepted immediately and isn't something a team runs with instantly, then the thought process is ultimately driven deeper and harder, generating better design and recommendations.

Successful teams need this process. Whatever the field - arts; design; IT; sales; medicine; manufacturing; media and every other sector that the world operates in -promoting and encouraging a creative culture will ultimately drive success, wealth and happiness within the workplace.

'Ripping up and starting again' may feel like the final nail in the coffin for imagination, but I would argue that in a team environment ideas that may initially be perceived as idiotic, bizarre and futile can get pushed and pulled, spun and re-spun, argued and debated over until the original idea evolves into that generates a successful solution.

This success cannot be achieved without communal development and input from people's personalities and thought processes.

The moral of the story is getting your teams communicating and wanting "hard fought wins” which are not accepted and agreed on day one but instead which evolve and require blood, sweat and tears over a period of time, ending with a product which can be sold and the whole team can be proud of.

Ultimately, it's a subjective topic that it is isn't easy to define and foster - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

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