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26 Mar 2015
Early March marked National Apprenticeship Week 2015 which highlighted the benefits of apprenticeships to businesses and potential apprentices alike. The novelty of apprenticeships is that they offer young people an alternate route into employment, which is often depicted as a 'hands on' opportunity and allows them to learn on the job (as is the case with our very own apprentice, Alice). The popularity of apprenticeships over recent years has soared, partly due to the rising cost of university tuition fees.

However, employers have been quick to take advantage of the growing number of young people who are actively choosing not to go to university, but who still want to pursue a professional career.

The vast majority of the larger accountancy practices have been at the forefront of developing a variety of 'school leaver programmes' to attract and recruit younger people into their workforce. These programmes offer training to achieve AAT qualifications, followed by ACA or ACCA professional qualifications. In addition, one or two programmes may offer this alongside an accredited degree - universities partaking in this scheme include Durham University and Lancaster University.

Targeting emerging talent via school leaver programmes is only one of many ways in which practice firms recruit. As ever, they are still focused on attracting high calibre graduates on a rolling basis and plug specialist skill gaps through recruiting experienced professionals from competitor firms.

A growing trend we have also recently noticed is the willingness of practice firms to recruit experienced professionals from industry sectors. This is particularly the case within Public Sector Assurance, where practice firms are actively identifying top talent in the health sector and within local/central government.

If you're interested in exploring your options in the practice market please get in touch on 0151 224 1480 as we are currently working across a range of assignments across the North and the Midlands at all levels.
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