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Does sport boost business?

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07 Aug 2014

It seems like ages ago since the World Cup and Wimbledon, and the Commonwealth Games seems to have flown by - but whether you love or detest these types of events, they  definitely gripped the nation.

Perhaps not due to England's performance in the World Cup, which was pretty poor, but generally; they provided us with some tense and entertaining viewing, and I'm not the biggest fan of football.

The Commonwealth Games was great too, and really portrayed England in a good light, however the sceptic in me can't help but think that if the likes of Russia and the USA were involved then we might not have done so well!

Regardless of whether you felt truly engaged with England's wins, it was a great sporting event and everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it, giving them something to feel passionate about and look forward to once the office hours are over.

What was noticeable was how these events, especially the World Cup, created a bit more excitement in the office and gave us something else to discuss with our clients; possibly the men in the office more than myself (saying that, I'm very good at regurgitating information my boyfriend tells me, much to his annoyance!)

I definitely noticed a few more tired faces over the period, and some of our clients mentioned how they gave their staff flexible working hours to watch the games- although that was short lived, thanks England... - which always creates a happier workforce.

I noticed in my own life that I suddenly had a lot less interaction with my boyfriend and male friends; if I didn't want to have a night embroiled with the World Cup then I was basically spending it on my own. It's a good job I enjoy my own company.

On a positive note, I really do believe that large sporting events are great for business.

My role at Sellick Partnership is ultimately to build relationships and grow business - however, we're all human at the end of the day and everyone enjoys a chat about the recent events in sport whether over the phone or at a networking event, showing genuine interest in wider events and never focusing purely on that next sale. 

Do you find it easier to network during these large sporting events, or do they have little impact on your business? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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