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Equality and Opportunity...the World Cup Message!

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11 Jul 2014

This Sunday sees the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the chance for 32 nationalities to compete for the ultimate sporting title and earn a great deal of respect to go with it - World Champions.

There is a lot that we can learn from the coming together of these different nations, from the different playing styles to obscure formations used, the embracing of all these variations at this event has been a lesson to us all and can be used as an inspiration to employees too. 

Having the respect for one another and embracing different skills and abilities, appreciating what one another can bring to an organisation, just as the world appreciates the differences between the different teams. Over the last four years, FIFA have promoted their fair play and respect campaign, paying particular attention to equality within the sport.

Before the beginning of the World Cup, FIFA released a statement saying: "Today we strive not only for victory in the game, but for the victory of peace; for mutual respect, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion or class. These are the values and aspirations of FIFA, the wider world of sport and people everywhere. We pledge to do our utmost to achieve global peace and a life of dignity for all.”

This message can be transferred into the workplace, appreciating and embracing the differences all individuals have and how they can be used to enhance productivity, results and achievements.

The message of equality we can take from the FIFA World Cup is that everyone has a chance...

Every nationality (that qualifies) has the same chance to win the ultimate title and be world champions - including the underdogs! We have seen some terrific scenes of courage, determination and bravery throughout this tournament and displays which show that you may not be ranked the best on paper but by putting in a great performance you can still do well.

My favourite match of the tournament thus far has to be the Costa Rica vs. Netherlands match, which was a clear example of how, no matter how much of an underdog you may be classed, by going that extra mile with perseverance you can obtain a good result. The Costa Ricans held the mighty Netherlands to a draw at full time and maintained into the extra time period eventually forcing them into penalties. Noone would have guessed that they would have progress through the group stages, let alone get to the quarter finals!

I for one will take this example and apply it to my day to day outlook by putting in a good performance no matter what competition I'm up against.

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