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Executive talent joins our team….

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03 Jun 2014
Having recently joined our Liverpool office, we have taken this opportunity to ask Senior Consultant, Austin Brislen about his successful career in recruitment, and what has driven him in his career to date. Austin has joined our North West team, to strengthen our offering in the practice market across the region - and we are keen to find out what makes him tick…..

1.    What attracted you to pursuing a career in recruitment - and are these motivations still the same today?

In terms of my motivations, the concept of being in control of your success through hard work was, and still is, very appealing to me. I have found that there is a clear link between the effort you put in on behalf of your clients and candidates and the reward you get out.

Now, I'm not simply referring to financial reward, as I genuinely get a great buzz from knowing that I've filled a key hiring requirement for a client (hopefully helping them to grow and improve their business) or that I have found a candidate a great new role.

In short, a career in recruitment is very positive and rewarding, as when you make a placement everybody wins; your client is happy, your candidate is happy and you are happy!

2.    What have been you main achievements in your career so far?

Personally I tend not to reflect too much on previous achievements and always try to focus on my next goal or objective. However I would say my track record of new business development - I'm always proud when I have worked something right from the beginning, initiating that original conversation and building it into a strong working relationship.

Moreover, retaining key clients and candidates and forming long lasting partnerships with them means I am reminded on a daily basis the affect I have made on people and, ultimately, where I have come from.

I've also placed candidates at all levels, from graduates new to the industry and experienced professionals on packages of £350,000+ and would say a huge achievement of this is interacting with everyone equally, ensuring all candidates receive the best possible recruitment service, tailored purely for that individual as opposed to their pay scale.

3.    Is there anything about Sellick Partnership that stands out against competing recruitment companies?

Sellick Partnership place a strong emphasis on 'doing the right thing' for their candidates and clients, and as a result there is a culture of focusing on the long-term throughout the business.  This is evidenced by the number clients who have been working with Sellick Partnership for many years, and I've already noticed that this is exactly the same with candidates.

Sellick Partnership also go out of the way to actually be a part of the markets they work in and give something back. For example, they host numerous networking events and CPD seminars throughout the year for candidates and clients, and from a social perspective run cricket and football leagues, even hosting a World Cup Fantasy Football competition for Brazil 2014.

4.    How do you think recruitment has changed since you began your career, if at all?

I think LinkedIn has had a huge impact on the recruitment industry; it has enabled recruiters to interact with their clients and candidates on a completely different platform than they have in the past, allowing for a more informal relationship to build, as opposed to selling from square one.

Likewise, it has allowed employers to directly interact with candidates and vice versa. I have read many articles debating the impact LinkedIn has on the role of a recruiter and whether it is rendering them obsolete. However, I'm still to see any effect in terms of LinkedIn taking the place of a recruiter and my thoughts remain positive in that recruiters should see LinkedIn as an additional tool, and not a threat.

At the end of the day, recruiters add real value to their clients by providing them with the best talent 'in' the market and not 'on' the market. Whilst LinkedIn can be a useful way to connect with those who are actively looking for their next role, recruiters still hold an advantage as we can procure and identify the best talent 'in' the market through many other means than just LinkedIn.

5.    What are the main personal attributes you have that have helped you to become a successful consultant?

Although it may initially appear a cliché - I have been hard working from the moment I started my professional career, always seeking out opportunities to learn and develop my pre-existing skills. I've never - and will never - assume that I know it all or can solve every problem; I am keen to experience how other people tackle issues and provide personalised solutions.

Specifically as a recruiter, I am hungry to deliver success for my client, candidate and myself. This keeps me going through the highs and lows of the job, and I always bear in mind the outcome I am working towards.

Finally, I am resilient - after all recruitment is a job where you tend to hear "no” a lot more times than you hear "yes”!

Austin specialises in financial recruitment in the North West within Practice. For a confidential discussion about your career contact him on 0151 224 1480.

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