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Why did Flappy Bird fly the nest?

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12 Feb 2014

It's the new smartphone app that everyone is talking about and has been downloaded in excess of 50 million times after going viral as a result of social media hype. Flappy Bird was released in May 2013 and has taken the world of technology by storm, fast becoming the most popular smart phone game of the year so far.

Not necessarily a game of skill but a game of patience and perseverance, players attempt to keep a flapping bird in flight whilst manoeuvring through a number of obstacles - a simple concept with average graphics yet a high difficulty rating, creating a vast sense of achievement when previous scores are beaten. 

A sucker for things 'all the rage,' I decided to follow the masses and try out the new fad for myself. I had read with interest about people's frustrations and disappointment in not being able to complete various stages, as well as the excitement that came from beating a friend's high score but hard could it be?

It wasn't more than five minutes before I was cursing my iPhone and feeling a sense of anxiety as I struggled to keep the tiny, yellow-feathered terror in the air. Curiosity had got the better of me, my fingers were sore from pounding my touch screen and with a high score of 1, to my displeasure, I admitted defeat. 

Having tried and tested Flappy Bird, I can empathise completely with the numerous Facebook statuses and Twitter rants from people venting their aggravations and fully understand why this challenging and addictive game has become such a key player in the gaming market.

For a craze causing such a stir, it comes as a surprise to many including myself as to why Vietnam based creator has decided to remove his creation from online stores earlier this week.

There is considerable speculation as to why a game generating £30,000 plus per day from advertising has been eradicated with little explanation. Dong Nguyen took to Twitter to express his concerns around the game's popularity and how he was struggling to cope with the pressure of fame and, not long after, it was unavailable to download.

He wanted a quiet life and was not quite ready for the perils of fame and fortune.

Those who have downloaded Flappy Bird to their phone can still play and will no doubt continue to subject themselves to such torment with the desperate need to improve, perhaps resulting in yet more cracked touch screens (yes this has happened). But don't worry if you weren't quick enough to jump on the gaming bandwagon, you can still get your hands on the game - for a small fortune that is; eBay users are cashing in on the phenomenon and selling their iPhones complete with Flappy Bird for considerable amounts of money with bids creeping into the thousands.

Success in any remit can evidently be overwhelming and planning is imperative to lessen the pressure and expectations that may come with it. We all need structure in order to maintain focus; this is not just essential when embarking on a new business venture but also in our every day working lives.

Prepare yourself for a variety of outcomes throughout the day at work and you'll be able to overcome any obstacles, leaving you more professionally resilient and ready for the next stages in your career.

What steps could the Flappy Bird creator have taken to prepare himself for the buzz around his game - or was there no way of knowing how popular it would become? How have you structured your career thus far to prepare for success? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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