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Feel good fundraising!

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12 Nov 2014
As a business Sellick Partnership has built strong relationships with charities since our establishment in 2002, these include St Ann's Hospice, The Lord's Taverners, Douglas Macmillan and Macmillan Cancer Support. Last year we raised over £25k for charity through our fundraising initiatives and professionals' cricket and football leagues, and we aim to increase the amount we raise for charity year on year.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month running in October, we turned the office pink, taking part in a dress down day and donning our favourite pink clothing. Even a dashing pink flamingo onesie made an appearance as well as some delicious baked goods provided by enthusiastic staff members, ranging from some bright pink traditional Indian fudge to a pair of edible breasts! Money was raised and donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation as part of the Wear it Pink campaign.

In addition to colour splash fashion and calorie consuming charity events we also have an involvement and enthusiasm for sporting events. As a business we actively support and encourage sports in our local communities by running two well-established football and cricket leagues, along with various other events across the UK, which have raised over £65k over the last five years. Our leagues benefit local businesses by providing professionals with an informal platform to network, whilst promoting an active lifestyle. They also contribute to our fundraising activity, with money raised donated to St Ann's Hospice and The Lord's Taverners along with a number of smaller, local charities for our unique events. On Friday 24th October some of our football fanatics in the office took part in a tournament in the Midlands raising money for local charity Me&Dee, coming a very honourable runner up in the competition, but more importantly they raised awareness and money for this special organisation based in Derby.

A recent and ongoing charity that a couple of staff members in particular have got involved in is a Manchester based charity called Coffee 4 Craig. It is a not for profit organisation that provide food, drink and other essentials for homeless people in Manchester. With this, staff members are encouraged to bring food, house ware and clothing into the office to be gathered and then taken to the charity stand in the evening between Sundays and Tuesdays.  

Research has found that 52% of Brits take the time to fundraise for charity, a new survey by Breast Cancer Campaign has revealed, and it's not just others we're helping with our good deeds - a recent poll has also revealed that 55% of us find helping others makes us feel good too. As a business, putting on charitable events has been highly enjoyed by all staff members, it boosts morale, gives a sense of coming together and doing good, it creates a buzz around the office and of course keeps the sweet treat supply stocked up! It shows a support and eagerness to get involved when colleagues are taking time out of there evenings to prepare cakes, clear out their cupboards and bring in boxes of belongings to donate.

There is a growing body of evidence to support this link between giving to charity and feeling good. A 2013 study at the Simon Fraser University in Canada, found that people feel good when they make a charitable donation - and even more so when their donation builds a social connection. Raising money for charity is easier than ever, thanks to the help of online fundraising platforms and social media. A couple of clicks is all it takes to sponsor a fundraising friend or business, while participating can be as simple as uploading a photo or video to your Facebook page, Twitter account or Linked In profile.

This new form of digital fundraising could explain why 18-24 year olds came out as the most generous age group in the survey, with over half saying that donating and fundraising for charity made them feel good and 65% saying helping others made them feel good. The findings suggest - far from driving us away - this increased pressure to get involved with worthy causes, driven by social media, is having a positive effect and awakening the collective social conscience. "Social media and digital fundraising platforms have really helped to increase the community, making it easier for the 44% of 18-24 year olds who say they sponsored a friend this year.” - Breast Cancer Campaign.

To conclude, individual or business wide involvement in these worthy causes is extremely easy to do, although our time is precious, taking an hour out of our evening to help others whilst also gaining a feel good factor yourself seems nothing more than a mild inconvenience for a very commendable cause.

Have you been fundraising recently? Either as part of work or in your own time? Let us know in the comments box below

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