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Feeling confident? 8 tips to gain more confidence

26 Jan 2015

I recently read an article about how nervous a well known person becomes before entering a room and giving a talk to a large group of people. On the outside, I would say that this person appears confident and totally at ease with what they are doing, so I was surprised to learn this of them. This got me thinking that each of us has to contend with nerves and lack of confidence at some point. It might be when attending an interview, giving a presentation, meeting a client for the first time, starting a new job, or indeed anything else.

One of the most important things I feel is how you deal with the situation and the steps you can take to deal with your nerves, which will help you grow in confidence and ultimately make you feel at more at ease. Whilst an element of nerves shows you care, it really is about keeping those nerves in check and finding something that works for you.

Here are some of my tips that I find useful for feeling confident

1.  Breathe - taking a few deep breaths will help you relax and strengthen your confidence.

2.  Think positively - having a positive mindset really can make all the difference. Negative "what ifs” of scenarios that are very unlikely to happen don't help. Visualise or picture only a successful outcome to the situation.  

3.  Prepare and practice - for example if you are attending an interview or giving a presentation, ensure you have done your research beforehand. Have you found about the company and person you'll be meeting with? Have you thought about the questions that you may be asked and prepared potential answers? Rehearse or role play where you can. If you are giving a presentation, make sure you know your subject matter inside out, if it helps have some cue cards, but don't try and rehearse word by word otherwise it won't flow. Ensure you are comfortable with your subject and be prepared for possible questions. If you are talking about something you feel strongly about, show your passion for the subject matter as this will portray your confidence.

4.  Ask your family, friends and those who know you well to tell you some of your positive attributes. Ask them how would they describe you and what are your good qualities. You may be pleasantly surprised that they say something great about you that you hadn't even considered; and this can only make you feel good about yourself.

5.  Stand tall - your posture can make all the difference in how you feel in yourself and equally how you come across to others.

6.  Wear something you feel good and comfortable in. Wearing your favourite outfit or a particular piece of clothing that makes you feel positive can help lift you.

7.  Smile - a smile costs nothing and gives an instant impression of someone who is warm, friendly and confident.

8.  Take control and take it a step at a time. Reviewing your progress will also show you how well you have done and what you have achieved. Find something that really works for you and before long you will soon grow in confidence.

What do you think? What are your tips to gain more confidence in the workplace? Have you ever been caught out by nerves? Let us know your thoughts.

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