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Fifteen Festive Christmas Facts ….

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12 Dec 2014
With the start of the festive season finally upon us, here are some festive Friday facts that you might not know to help you impress your colleagues in the office:

1. Over 8 million real Christmas trees are bought in the UK every year and on average it takes between 7 and 15 years to grow each one!
2. If you received every gift in "The Twelve Days of Christmas,” you'd have 364 gifts and it would have cost £25,000 to buy them.
3.  In the main course of the traditional Christmas dinner there are 956 calories, if you add Christmas pudding there's an additional 423 calories! The average person will need to walk 14 miles to burn off the calories!
4. The Queen has given out over 78,000 Christmas puddings to her staff continuing the custom of King George V and King George VI.
5. The bestselling Christmas single ever is Bing Crosby's White Christmas, shifting over 50 million copies worldwide since 1942.
6. Six million rolls of Sellotape are sold in the run-up to the big day which is 369,000km and 55 times the length of the River Nile.
7. Due to international time zones, our modern day Santa Claus actually has 31 hours to deliver presents to all the children of the world, but to do so, he'll need to travel at a rate of 4,796,250 MPH!
8. Santa Claus has many different names around the world - Kriss Kringle in Germany, Le Befana in Italy, Pere Noel in France and Deushka Moroz (Grandfather Frost) in Russia.
9. Coca-Cola commissioned artist Haddon Sundblom to show Santa drinking a Coke to encourage sales in the winter months of 1931. This changed the world's view of Santa from being a biblical, thin looking character dressed in green to a rotund, jolly and bearded man, dressed in a red outfit trimmed in white fur with a broad black belt and black boots.
10. In Iceland their Christmas tradition has "13 Yuletide Lads” (their version of Santa) who either leave presents or pull pranks for children during the 26 day holiday season as a reward or punishment for their behavior. For instance, Grýla is a horrifying old woman who kidnaps children on Christmas if they have been naughty!
11.The largest ever Christmas cracker was 45.72m long and 3.04m in diameter - and it was pulled in Australia in 1991.
12. The tallest Christmas tree ever cut was a 221-foot Douglas fir that was displayed in 1950 at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington
13. Since 1947 Norway has sent a Christmas tree to London to thank us for our help in the Second World War
14. The earliest known Christmas tree decorations were apples. At Christmastime, medieval actors would use apples to decorate paradise trees (usually fir trees) during "Paradise Plays,” which were plays depicting Adam and Eve's creation and fall.
15. In Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany, workers get a Christmas bonus of one month's salary by law.
Do you have any fun Christmas facts? We'd love to hear from you
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