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Flexibility Shows Respect

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11 Jul 2014

You will have seen in the news recently that there has been a change in working hours for all business from June 30th 2014. While flexitime is something that NHS and Public Sector organisations have had available to all of their staff for some while, the right within private business was once reserved for carers and parents. 

Since the change, the right to request flexitime is now available to circa 20 million people.

The idea behind flexible working hours is to help people achieve a better work-life balance. Having some control in your working hours helps to boosts productivity staff morale.

Senior staff members often express a desire to arrange interviews no later than 5:30pm so that they can spend some quality time with their chidlren in the evening, and working parents are often tied to either working hours which fit within either side of the school run.

However, it's not just those with children that are looking to benefit from flexible working - people may choose to start early so that they can avoid the busiest travel times or peak travel costs.

Some people may need to work certain hours to fit in with certain commitments, whilst others will choose to as a matter of interests in hobbies such as the gym.

With the spell of good weather we are enjoying at the moment it is nice to be able to have flexibility in enjoying a long walk before or after a hard day.

There have been concerns raised that flexible hours will not 'work' for all offices if junior staff are required to be covered at all times, and shift workers will be also be confined to set shift hours. In smaller offices it may not actually benefit people as the workload may be too much to be covered by one staff member or people may feel demoralised if they are the one working later than other because the work needs to be completed.

These are concerns which will effect a large population but in general, most people would be prepared to take it in turns to work later shifts. The management of flexible hours will determine its success to ensure that all people are happy and feel listened to.

Flexibility by employers demonstrates the respect to employees and recognition that times have changed. This flexibility and choice will also be reflected in Shared Parental Leave next year which will allow parents to choose how and who cares for their newborn in the first precious months.

What impact do you think flexible working will have on your workplace; will your office be able to share the workload, or do you see it simply adding stress to already pressurised teams? Please leave your thoughts below.

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