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23 Jul 2014

Here in Derby we have been experiencing what promises to be the beginning of a hot summer, with every day in the office being warmer than the last.

Alongside the beautiful weather and the promise of sunny summer days comes the obsession to look good in a bikini or swimming trunks. Everyone here in the office is cutting down on the 'bad' foods and attempting to eat healthy to get in shape for the summer.

This can only be a good thing surely, as everyone becomes healthier to reach their goals?

Working in an office job and being sat at a computer all day encourages a weight gain for most people, especially with treats being brought in to the office by members of the team 'just because', leftover cake from birthdays and those lunchtime sweets and chocolates being purchased because we 'need' a sugar fix.

However, after you've had that sugary treat at some point you hit that dip, and that's because you are being affected by the junk food's sugar content, which in turn is affecting your productivity.

I have started trying to overcome the weight gain and continue to lose weight, and in turn increase my productivity with a few simple ideas. I have been bringing lunch from home, drinking plenty of water to make me feel fuller and one of the most important; I get up from my desk and have a little walk around, especially over lunchtime.

I find all of these are helping me gradually lose weight and in turn feel less lethargic in the afternoon which allows me to feel as energetic all day long. Overall this is leading to a more healthier, productive version of me.

What are your top tips for staying healthy in the workplace during the summer months? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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