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13 May 2014

Over the last year, we have seen an increase in job flow and are finding that we are in a very candidate lead market, with experienced candidates being 'snapped up' quickly.

As the market continues to be more candidate focused, we have to look at different ways to attract and find those perfect individuals for the vacancies we are dealing with.

As part of my role as resourcing consultant, I spend a lot of time resourcing candidates from numerous job boards and LinkedIn. These are great tools not only for me when searching for new candidates, but also for candidates who are looking for either their dream permanent role or their next exciting contract.

I can spend full days searching job boards for candidates for specific vacancies - but often find the results aren't always appropriate.

For example, when recently searching for candidates for a payroll vacancy, each job board provided hundreds of results, of which every candidate needed to be viewed properly to establish whether their experience was relevant. I discovered that out of hundreds of candidates, only a handful were suitable.

The reason for this started to show a theme, and here are some best practices when uploading your details to job boards:

  • Populate all fields of information required - your address, notice period and salary are all important pieces of information that a potential recruiter would utilise to establish whether the vacancy they are dealing with is suitable for you
  • One of the main things I find when candidate searching is that most people populate the 'type of vacancy' section as all types. I understand this means that you will show in all CV searches and therefore contacted about all opportunities. However, how many times have you been frustrated when you have been contacted by a recruiter about a role that sounds perfect, only to then be told it's actually temporary and you're only looking for permanent or vice versa? I would advise only selecting the types of vacancies you're actually interested in hearing about
  • Be strategic in your 'buzzwords'. If you are looking for a management accountant role, make sure that phrase shows in your CV. Equally, look at the words that are in your CV, are these a true reflection of the skills you actually have?
  • Finally, keep your profiles updated with your current situation and most recent CV. This will mean you are contactable and recruiters will know exactly what stage in your career you are in, meaning you will be able to be put forward for jobs at a much earlier stage.

Sellick Partnership are a specialist finance and legal recruitment company. As well as approaching you for roles, we can give you advice on making the most of LinkedIn or talking you through an effective CV template. Take a look at our website for candidate resources or contact me on 01332 542580 to discuss your future career.

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