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Giant Spectacular in Liverpool

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12 Aug 2014

August 2014 has marked the centenary of the start of the First World War, a significant point in world history. Due to this, Liverpool decided to host one of the UK's landmark commemorative events and remember the Liverpool Pals who fought for us.

It was the role of the Liverpool Pals in the First World War that was the inspiration for the Royal De Luxe street theatre from France, who bought three huge giants to stroll through the streets of Liverpool.

I was very lucky and got to see the giants across the three days that they were in Liverpool city centre, and was just amazed by what I saw; it brought the city to life and almost one million people came from around the city and further afield to see them.

It was described as a poignant and spectacular piece of street theatre. The three giant visitors included a little girl, her dog, and her grandma - it was to tell the true story of a couple who were divided by World War One.

They began their journey in different parts of Liverpool and travelled around across the three days before they  were finally reunited in the city centre on the Saturday, then sailing out down the River Mersey and back to France.

The artistic director of the theatre company Jean-Luc Courcoult wanted the grandmother giant to make her international debut in the city and wanted her to bring  with her an optimistic message; "to reassure us and give us a message of hope".

I think this is definitely a feeling I had and it highlighted to me that, without the Liverpool Pals and other veterans, we wouldn't be here today. It also made me feel very thankful and fortunate for having the life and family I have and made me more determined to make the most of every day and moment.

Did you travel to Liverpool to see the giants? What impact did they have on you personally? Please leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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