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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

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19 Nov 2014
You may or may not be aware that this week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event is designed for self-starters and innovators to explore their potential and be introduced to new possibilities and exciting opportunities. You can find out more about the initiative on their website.

Looking into this, it made me think of my role as a recruitment consultant, and what myself and my colleagues don't often realise is that our job is very entrepreneurial in the sense that we are responsible for our own results. We have set targets we need to achieve each month and key performance indicators we need to adhere to. We are in a way managing our time in the office and running our own small businesses.

A well known recruitment entrepreneur is James Caan. He is a self-made millionaire and it is very interesting to read about how he began his career and how successful he has been within the recruitment industry. I think we are all capable of being successful in our roles and the key things you need to remember are to remain passionate, engaged and respectful. These are our core values at Sellick Partnership, and I truly believe in the meaning behind them, and making these values a part of your daily life.

We are in control of own success and as a recruitment consultant, being professional, serious about your career and entrepreneurial is something we are all about at Sellick. Of course, we work hard to achieve our successes and at times, it can be extremely stressful, but it also fun and enjoyable. What we do is very important and having a positive outlook is key to our success.
Working in this field is about becoming an expert in your market and knowing both your clients and candidates on both a personal and professional level. Building relationships with clients can take time and you do need to be persistent and patient but hopefully the hard work will pay off.

Here at Sellick Partnership, I believe there is definitely the freedom to be entrepreneurial in your role as a recruitment consultant and I would recommend working here to anyone looking for a career in recruitment.

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