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Happy Thanksgiving!

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27 Nov 2014
Today marks one of the biggest events on the annual calendar for our American counterparts - Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in North America, and though we don't celebrate it as a national holiday in the UK, there seems to be more buzz about it here year on year. With the focus of Thanksgiving being around being grateful for the harvest and the year, it really got me thinking about everything we should be grateful for, and in turn, what we can be doing for those in society who are in need.

Something I have become more aware of recently is the opportunity to undertake voluntary work, or to collaborate with a charitable organisation. This is a fantastic way to take the chance to give back to society, and to help those in a more challenging socioeconomic situation. The difficulty is finding the time to undertake this alongside a full time job, so what better way to get involved than by incorporating this into your work life and your company culture?

Sellick Partnership contribute to a number of organisations such as Macmillan, St Ann's Hospice and The Lord Taverners, and we raise a fantastic amount of money each year in support of these charities.

Most recently my colleagues Kiran Purewal and Laura Hayward have become involved in a small Manchester based charity, who really focus on helping to feed the homeless, as well as assisting with rehousing those living on the streets. This charity sets up a soup kitchen three times a week, where they serve hot and cold food. This has meant that there is now the opportunity for myself and my colleagues to get involved, without necessarily having to commit to a time each week. For those of us that live further away, it can be difficult to find the time on a regular basis. What I have learnt is that there are other ways to get involved - we now have a donation box in our office where anyone can put clothes/sleeping bags or food that they want to donate, which is taken to charity at the end of each week. There are a few keen bakers in the office, and so far we have had cookies and banana bread made!

My point is that there are several ways that you can become involved, without having to make the tricky commitment of a regular time each week. Think of other ways you can get involved and give back - where there is a will there is a way! Doing so is a great way to boost morale, and really gives people a sense of fulfilment to know that you are helping others in your community!

Have you done your bit for charity? Do you donate money? Or maybe you've been involved first hand. Let us know


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