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‘Have a nice day!’

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24 Dec 2014
I was recently looking to buy a car, so I did a great deal of research into this and as you do, visited numerous different garages and spoke to many, many car sales people.

What really surprised me was the attitude of some of the people that I was dealing with. The sales techniques seemed so aggressive, very much a "if you're not buying today then I'm not interested in spending my time with you”. I couldn't believe that this was a successful way to do business with people, but it never ceases to amaze me how so many people who work in customer facing roles forget the fact that they just need to be pleasant, efficient and, most of all, polite.

I also don't understand how this technique is effective. Personally, if I'm treated with poor customer service then no matter how much I want a product, I cannot purchase through that person, so when it came to my car search I seemed to be running out of options!

The businesses I was attracted to had the sales people who really tried to understand what I was looking for and how to best help me. They were the ones I was going to buy from.

This made me think about my own role. Every day I am selling myself, my team and the wider business to candidates, and in turn selling candidates and myself to clients. My role is all about dealing with people, and actually whilst some people might think of recruitment as a hard sales roles, this isn't the case at all.

In my team we spend far more time listening to our clients and to job seekers, to find out what it is they want. The process of finding the right job isn't as simple as finding the right product and buying it, when you bring human interaction into the equation; there are so many reasons why a job and/or a person aren't right for each other.

It's the same in whatever sector you work in, if you are ultimately providing a service to someone that person should be treated with care and excellent customer service. The same applies for when you're the customer!! Simply being well mannered, going back to people when you say you will, and being attentive goes a long way.

With so much competition, you need these simple winning edges to stay ahead of the rest.

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