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Have you booked your holiday yet?

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15 May 2014

As the temperatures are set to rise this weekend, summer is almost be upon us, which means one thing - holiday time!

Whether you're jetting off to foreign climes, planning an action-packed 'staycation' or keeping your fingers crossed for dry weather at a festival, the summer months are a time to reward your hard endeavours with a relaxing or jam-packed break from the day-to-day.

At Sellick Partnership, we're interested not only in the careers of legal and financial professionals, but also the benefits and opportunity for work-life balance that can be enjoyed in these high-performing sectors.

Therefore, we'll be conducting our second annual Holiday Survey; details of how to participate are below, and it will only take a couple of moments to complete. Plus, you could be in with the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Our annual Salary Survey, which we have conducted amongst our candidates, has consistently shown that annual leave is seen as one of the main work benefits. However, last year's Holiday Survey suggested that 15% of employees struggled to take all of their allowance, with the majority of those people feeling that they cannot trust their colleagues to complete their work to an acceptable standard.

We also found that despite a general understanding that a holiday is a time to unwind, 41% of employees felt no more or less stressed after a break and 20% actually felt more stressed because of the workload awaiting their return. We also saw that half of these individuals had to work longer hours in the weeks running up to a holiday, whereas those that felt less stressed after a break had managed to work their standard hours.

Ten months on from this original survey, the economy is burgeoning and employment is on the up. It will be really interesting to see if attitudes to holiday are changing in a more buoyant climate as teams start to expand and rebuild.

What are your thoughts about your forthcoming holiday? Are you excited or worried about the challenge of fitting it in? We'd love to hear your opinions and would be grateful for anyone sparing a couple of minutes to complete the survey. To be in with a chance of winning a £50 Amazon Voucher please find the survey here:

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