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Holidays are Coming!

10 Dec 2014
I have recently had quite a sudden and daunting realisation that Christmas is coming in only a couple of weeks now. This year's trigger point was the Coca Cola advert where Santa rides the Coca Cola express train through the North Pole and the advert ends with that knowing wink from Santa right at the end. I have always viewed this wink as an act of warmth and an acknowledgement that something magical is on the way. That is until this year. Now that wink, that lovely, gentle act of merriment has triggered a trip into panic and cold sweat mode.

I have always been super organised when it comes to Christmas shopping and have revelled in the smug category of shoppers who have all of the presents, food , cards and tree decorations tied up by the middle of November leaving me with nothing but time to get into the festive spirit and eat my body weight in Mince Pies. That is until now…

I should start at the beginning. In February, I decided to buy a house. The house, as beautiful as it is, needs some TLC shall we say. The previous owners had an unhealthy and unacceptable post the 1980's obsession with woodchip. This wasn't a major concern to me  at the time of buying the property and I actually found myself day dreaming about colour swatches, light fixtures and loft conversions all to be meticulously developed over the course of my 5 year renovation plan. Then in July, we had some very exciting news, which basically flipped everything on its head. I should also mention that around the same time I was offered the promotion at work that I had wanted for some time so everything happened all at once. I chose to remain calm and pleased with all of the brand new avenues that had opened themselves up to me.

Currently, as I sit here 6 months pregnant wondering what to do with the rest of the house, I am also thinking about how many Christmas presents I need to buy, when to arrange for the carpet people to come, when the curtain people will be coming to fit the venetian blinds, the fact that I currently have absolutely no baby things at all, if it's normal for the washing machine water not to drain properly and why the boiler is weeping water to name but a few.

Fortunately, my lunch break is almost over and then I can start working again. The one compartmentalised, glorious area of my life that is completely controllable and structured. I wouldn't want this blog  to come off as an ungrateful or Grinch like rant, although I appreciate that it probably has done. In actual fact, whilst life is kind of unorganised chaos at the moment, I also think how lucky I am to have these kind of problems. Tis the season to be jolly after all and as I am currently sporting the big round belly I think I am well on my way… I wonder if Santa will bring me a new boiler for Christmas?

Are you fully prepared for Christmas? Or will you be dashing round the shops on Christmas Eve? Join the conversation below

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