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How environmentally conscious are you?

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30 Jan 2014
I was reading a LinkedIn 'influencer post' by Richard Branson on the opportunity to do business better whilst protecting the environment. This led me on to a site by an organisation called the 'Carbon War Room.' They look at offering business solutions that reduce carbon emissions. It was a really interesting concept, and got me thinking about the impact that businesses have on the environment as a whole.

I wonder how many people actually think about the impact their work is having on the world we live in? More and more, we are considering the impact of waste from food, clothes, and other commercial items  - from the packaging that food comes in, to the best ways of disposing household waste.

From a business perspective, things to consider are the amount of electricity we consume, the amount of paper we print on, travel undertaken as part of our jobs, and even where our products come from and how they are made. Together, these can all have an adverse impact on the world we live in. As Richard Branson put it, we have no "Planet B”, and we need to be considering the impact we are having on our environment. Planet Earth is all we have, and perhaps we need to put more effort into thinking about the way we treat our planet, and how we are leaving it for future generations.

At Sellick Partnership, we consider ourselves to be quite environmentally conscious. We care about the protection of the environment and acknowledge that environmental considerations should be an integral part of our business. We realise that our day-to-day operations inevitably have an effect on the local, regional and global environment, so we make a concerted effort to use less paper, recycle, and reduce waste, including the wasteful use of energy.

This is also something that is relevant to the sector that we recruit for. My colleague Laura Hayward wrote a blog on courtrooms becoming paperless, and the impact and amount of paper that will be saved in implementing this scheme. Many of our clients also operate in a paperless environment, as more and more legal records and files are being kept entirely on computerised case management systems.

As well as being environmentally friendly, there are also cost benefits. Reducing the use of paper, and being electricity conscious, if anything, helps the bottom line. Whilst helping protect the environment you are also reducing cost, so it is a win-win situation. This way we can all look forward to nurturing a healthy planet.

What does your work place do in an attempt to be environmentally friendly? We would love to hear your suggestions and ideas!
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