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How to avoid the office cold.

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28 Nov 2014
It's nearly the end of November and Christmas is only 4 weeks away, this can only mean one thing....the cold and flu season is upon us. Our office is typical of many up and down the country. A daily chorus of coughs and sneezes spreading through the office like wild fire.

I have so far managed to avoid the germs however this is more luck than judgment, but it has got me thinking about how we can protect ourselves from the dreaded virus. Take a look at some of my practical tips…

  • Avoid spending too much time around communal spaces, germs love to socialise too!  I.e. photocopying rooms, kitchens etc.
  • Use hand sanitiser -  in particular after shaking hands, before eating and touching your face.
  • Regularly clean your desk equipment including keyboard, mouse and phone. You can buy handy packs of antibacterial wipes to store in your desk.
  • If you have long term health issues, are pregnant or over 65 think about getting your free flu jab.
  • Finally, if you are full of a cold but feel just about able to get into work - take a minute to think about your co-workers. They may not be appreciate your efforts as you would imagine, and would prefer you staying home a day or two, rather than spreading your germs around the office.

With some careful consideration and a little effort you come through the winter season having avoided illness and having been so much more productive for it.  Good luck!

Do you have any tips on how to prevent the dreaded cold and flu in the winter months? Let us know
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