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How to beat the January blues...

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05 Jan 2015

Despite the usual downturn in the weather, December is oftenfor many, a great end to the year with the build up to Christmas and the NewYear celebrations. With all the excitement and hype that comes with this, howdo you cope with the January blues, which affects so many of us?

With it's shorter days and colder weather,it can be difficult to remain upbeat, energised and feeling positive. Taking note ofsome of the following points, may help you beat those January blues…

Keep Exercising

Exercising boosts your immune system and energy levels, aswell as releasing the 'happy' hormone serotonin, so there is no reason not toputting those running shoes on!

Socialise More

Make sure you are being sociable, and take time to organiseactivities with friends and family. Although staying at home when it's cold andraining is highly appealing, getting out of the house and seeing loved ones isa great way to lift your mood.

Sleep well

Sleep is essential for health and well-being and thus it isvery important that you are getting enough quality sleep. Not getting enoughsleep can affect your productivity during the day, so make sure you think aboutgoing to bed at a suitable time to ensure you are getting sufficient sleep.

Get some sunlight

January means shorter sunlight hours, which inevitably meansnot getting as much light as we would in the summer months. Despite the cold,try and get outside at lunchtime for a few minutes to get some exposure tolight. Also make the most of sunlight during the day by making sure your curtainsare open fully.

Be aware of comforteating

With the cold weather, and darker days, we often end upcomfort eating, and eating more simply due to the fact that we are indoorsmore. Ensure you are eating well to boost your mood by eating complexcarbohydrates, like wholegrains, which will release energy slowly and keep youfuller for longer. Also try to eat foods, which contain vitamin D as at thistime of the year, you won't be getting enough of this due to the lack ofexposure to sunlight. Foods like dairy, eggs, fish and fortified cereal allcontain Vitamin D.

Set yourselfrealistic resolutions for the New Year

By the end of January, many people have given up on theirNew Years's resolutions because they are not realistic enough, and this canhave a demotivating effect. Think about setting yourself a more realistictarget, and really focus on how it can be achieved.

Don't be too hard on yourself!

If you want to eat something unhealthy or have a day off ofexercising then do it! Don't make yourself feel bad for treating yourselfoccasionally; we all deserve it!

Do you have any tips for keeping yourself motivated during the long, cold winter months? Let us know in the comments box below

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