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How to manage your precious time!

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03 Feb 2015
I read an article on the BBC which mentioned that a Spanish artist has recently unveiled a portrait of the Royal Family after spending 20 years on it!!

The artist, Antonio Lopez, spent 20 years painting the piece; and has said that this is because he works on several pieces at the same time, rather than one.

This has meant that the painting features the former King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, along with their three children, however it is slightly out of date as Queen Letizia isn't in it!

This had me thinking about managing your time and in particular how you can deal with managing a project, alongside your normal day to day duties.

Working in the locum legal team at Sellick Partnership means I work in a very fast paced environment; and it is important to be able to get through your necessary tasks, as well as deal with incoming queries. Something I have learnt is that it is easy to get distracted, so please find below three tips for increasing the efficiency of your time management:

1.    Plan your day and stick to it. Take ten minutes out in the morning to structure your day, being prepared and having a structure really help; and is particularly good if you feel like you are losing your way or struggling to focus.

2.    Plan for distractions. Allow yourself some time, perhaps 30 minutes in your schedule to account for the unplanned or emergencies that have to be dealt with. This way you will not feel thrown, and it will not have a knock on effect to the rest of the day's activities.

3.    Don't take every call and answer every email immediately. Everything always feels urgent, especially in a customer service focused role, however be selective, prioritise your workload. It is OK to call people back, or go back to someone over lunch.

Ultimately, you have to set yourself realistic targets and time frames for completing work. This will come with good time management and good prioritisation skills. If a project is going to overrun, be honest with your clients and your team, these things happen! This will mean you can make a better plan for the next day, and rather than feeling overwhelmed, you will have incorporated it into your day plan and remain in control of your day!

Do you have any tips for good time management? It would be great to hear your ideas below.
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