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How will your business benefit from the Grand Départ?

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05 Jun 2014

With one month to go until the Grand Départ, we're all excited here in Leeds. Our office is moments away from the starting line and we're already seeing preparations for the big day...

Yorkshire boasts around 40 million visitors every year and, with an expected 680,000 additional visitors and a TV audience of 3.5 billion for the Tour de France, Yorkshire's economy should see a boost of an estimated £100 million!

Yorkshire is the biggest county in the UK - holding six national museums, seven cities, three national parks and five Michelin star restaurants. Leeds, Scarborough and York are in the top seven most visited town and cities in the UK, with Scarborough at number 1 outside of London, and Leeds is one of the UK's largest financial centres.

With this impressive list of attractions, is it any wonder Yorkshire was chosen for the Grand Départ on Saturday 5th July?

Not just to benefit from the influx of visitors on the days, organisers are planning a number of business events aimed at developing sports, retail, game development, engineering, textiles, medical, food and drink, and bio-economy in the area.

Clearly more than just a race, Yorkshire will benefit in business before, during and after the event - hopefully Yorkshire will become the capital of cycling!

Can you see any additional benefits for Yorkshire from the Grand Départ? Leave your thoughts and opinions on this significant sporting even below.

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