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31 Jul 2014

My job role has recently developed and has involved the incorporation of various HR aspects of Sellick Partnership, so I have taken the time to research and delve deeper into the role of HR in the workplace and its connection to employee wellbeing.

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a HR professional - however with my experience in customer services, relationship management and personable skills I can relate and understand the importance of a supportive and functional HR system.

An article I recently read provides examples of when strength based recruitment brings humanity into the recruitment process and puts an emphasis on drawing out the softer skills of applicants whilst looking at their ability to fit in with the culture and mind set of the organisation. At Sellick Partnership this is hugely important and a great priority is placed on recruiting people able to connect with internal and external stakeholders, as well as be effective in their role.

Results based on the article show that by putting a committed and competent HR function in place and using a recruitment process based on employing the right people will add value to the organisation, help reduce staff turnover and reduce the average time it takes to hire people in terms of job offer conversion rate.

In addition to employing the right people the next step is to look after and retain them; "After all your team are your best asset."

However, this being said, in a recent survey conducted by HR Magazine results indicated health and wellbeing of the workforce to the individual organisations was just 19% vital, whilst 26% said it would be nice, however is not imperative.

Thankfully we are starting to see a shift in attitudes, with the top tier of businesses recognising the importance of creating a positive working culture, in which the best people will enjoy their job and continue to do so.

What initiatives do you feel your current employer could put in place to improve your workplace wellbeing? Leave your thoughts below.

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