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I hate standing still...

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12 Jun 2014

It's 5:43am and my alarm is ringing persistently; I am aware of the world, but full consciousness is a long way off. It's Sunday, my instincts are telling me I should have at least three more hours sleep, arise at my leisure and make a cup of tea and toast with marmalade...but this is no ordinary Sunday - this is Tough Mudder Sunday.

During the journey, all I can think about is why I said yes six months prior. It probably had something to do with the persuasive talk of how 'super fit' we will get. That and a few gin and tonics! Training of course had been a little haphazard and last minute; these things always come around so quickly.

As we arrive there is a whole host of mixed emotions in my body. Anxiety, fear, excitement and adrenalin, it makes me wonder why I don't do events like this more often (my brain quickly and logically responds "Because it is insane!”). After some war-like chants, the countdown from ten begins and I am in full fight mode. The klaxon sounds and I am on my way to completing one of the most challenging events of my life so far.

I feel invincible - the oversized hill and never ending obstacles ahead of me however are sure to let me know that I am in fact not and that adrenalin may not be enough to get me through.

After throwing myself off a 12ft plank, getting electrocuted and tearing my t-shirt on barbed wire whilst crawling through mud, sweat and tears, I was finished. I had completed the 2014 London West Tough Mudder. I was promptly given a t-shirt, headband, protein bar, and - most importantly - a thirst quenching pint.

On Monday morning it was less of a struggle to succumb to my alarm, I was ready to take on the day like I had done 24 hours before. My whole body ached but I felt calm, energised and able to think clearly. I proceeded with a contagious positive mental attitude.

I have always been fairly active, I enjoy sport and going to the gym, but it is only recently I have linked the benefits to my personality with the workplace. Through studying Sports Science I understand the chemical reactions and the science but I never took the time to look at it personally.

If I exercise I am a better person to be around, I look at things with optimism and passion, which probably would have eluded me had I been sedentary. I take on challenges and push myself to achieve, set goals and continually push the bar higher. The winning formula is to feel like this every day from Monday through to Friday, without throwing myself into a pitch black iced water tank on mile four of a 12 mile obstacle course every weekend.

The sense of achievement, the build up of excitement and the satisfaction gained from exercising and being active can be easily related to meeting a deadline, professional development and career progression.

Professional development is something that is constantly at the forefront of my mind and long term planning has become habitual. I believe this to be a good thing, as long as it is controlled and does not cloud obvious judgement.

I find goal setting, career objectives and milestones are an important factor for professional development, and whilst I am continually making lists and writing everything down I find without having an active element in my daily schedule my drive and motivation are rather on the lacklustre side.

I think activity, particularly team sport and time challenges, promote a competitive edge in most people. In the industry I am in and in the current climate of the UK/business, competitiveness is often key to success, giving yet another reason to participate in regular exercise.

This feeling may not be easily achieved, and there is no quick fix, you have to work for it. It's a challenge, much like getting my bright orange Tough Mudder headband, and one I gladly accept.

How do you make sure you have the motivation to get through the week - exercise, or something else? Leave your thoughts and techniques below as I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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