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Increased activity in the legal services industry

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18 Sep 2014

There has been a lot of negativity around the state of the economy in recent years that it comes as great news that we are on the way back up!

As well as general upward trends in the market place, there has been substantial growth in the UK legal service market specifically. The Law Society Gazette recently reported some impressive figures, and the market forecasts predict growth in real turnover of 1.1% by 2015 (this is quite substantial when you look at it as a monetary figure of around £30.54bn). 

This shows that levels of growth are nearing rates from before the recession.

Clearly, this is excellent news for all those working in the legal services industry. A lot of this growth will be down to increased and improved business performance and substantial movement seen within the housing market. This is great news especially for those law firms who saw a dramatic dip when they were hit by the financial crisis due to the downward turn of the housing market.

Smaller law firms were reported as the worst affected by the recession, but we must not forget the effect it had on both public sector organisations and larger law firms. Everyone was a victim of the crisis and, although perhaps it happened on varying levels, organisations across the board were struggling.

However, with recently reported figures in mind, I believe there is now likely to be an increase in the number of corporate opportunities available which will increase prospects of both small and larger organisations.

The improvement in the economy has been clear to see from a recruitment perspective. As a business we have seen a substantial increase in both law firms and public sector legal teams requiring additional legal support to help them with increased workloads.

We are confident this trend will continue and we can look forward to great years ahead for the legal services industry.

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