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Is this your super(bowl) year?

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11 Feb 2014

Every year in the United States, 32 American Football teams across the country compete for the title of Superbowl champions. Each team is made up of an offense and defence, which compete against an opposing teams defence and offense in the overall aim of scoring the most points.

Like any business in the current economic market, there are a set of rules and regulations which must be followed, which is no different when playing American Football. Just like a business, the aim of the National Football League (NFL) is to seek out the strongest and most tactical team that work and perform together well to accomplish the ultimate title when competing against other teams.

Having a successful team requires hard work, dedication and patience from you and your team members, as well as confidence, encouragement and the belief that together you can succeed as one.

This year's Superbowl champions the Seattle Seahawks boasted an impressive record for having the best defensive team throughout the whole tournament. They were often seen as confident, unified and so well composed as a team that they were given the charismatic team title of the 'Legion of Boom'.

The confidence that they had in each other as a team was reflected in both on and off the pitch activities with results that were second to none. In interviews, team members often described a family mentality amongst their teammates, wanting to bring out the best in one another whilst aiming for the same overall goal.

Many businesses are often driven by profit and sales, which in the long run does not portray the teamwork or effort that has been put in to achieve this goal. Businesses must remember employees are their number one asset to the company, as without recognition they can become demotivated about achieving future goals. With the growing number of businesses competing for the largest market share within an industry, it can put pressure on individuals wanting recognition when performing at their highest level alongside both team members and competitors.

With the support and encouragement from team members and senior levels, this pressure can often be eased but most importantly make each individual feel valued for their efforts in the business.

Last year, Sellick Partnership were awarded the Investors in People Silver accreditation for the continual encouragement support and recognition that the organisation gives to employees. This example of how a successful organisation values its employees by encouragement and recognition.

Does your company recognise and value the efforts of staff members, or do you think more could be done? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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