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Is working from home all it’s cracked up to be….

28 Jan 2015
After reading The Law Gazette article 'How To Work From Home', I could relate this back to myself, as I use to work from home for my previous employer.

In the Law Gazette, a Solicitor states 'I would rather poke sharp sticks in my eyes than work from home'. I am not sure I would go as far as saying that, but I do agree that it can be isolating and very frustrating when you need a handy IT guru for when the screen goes blank.

Fans of working from home are equally passionate arguing the contrary case. Why waste hours each day crammed on a train or sitting in stand still traffic?

It was very interesting reading, there are in fact so many good reasons cited for working from home that it is startling that anyone works 40 hours-plus in a traditional law firm office. Many say their work-life balance has improved, others talk about choice: work when you want and where you want.

Would you also agree that emails and the internet mean you are fully connected, with access to the same resources that previously only substantial law firms could afford?

In the last 12 months, 62,000 people opted to make home their place of work. Only a tiny proportion of this number is made up of lawyers but it is a growing proportion.

In my opinion working from home has its pros and cons; yes you may be able to switch the laptop on in the morning after 10.00am whilst watching Jeremy Kyle, when you would be in an office for 8.00am.  Believe me when I say the laptop is not switched off in time for your evening entertainment, but at least you can leave more a less on time when working in an office.

Have you ever worked from home? Have you enjoyed it, or have you tried it and reverted back to office working? Or would you jump at the chance if offered to work from home?  We welcome your feedback.
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