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January joggers!

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22 Jan 2015
I'm not one for making elaborate and exceptional New Year's resolutions however I do find the fresh chill of January a good time to make some changes and think about my goals for the year.

Confession…I am a January jogger. As is the same I think with the majority, having good intentions to lose a bit of weight, increase fitness or just take the stairs every now and then, is far more important in the New Year than it was pre-Christmas.

I have joined the enthusiastic, lycra clad, bright (clean) trainer clan that are out pounding the streets at 6am. I'd like to say I generally keep fit and occasionally get a nod from one of the trainers at the gym in recognition that they have seen me before; however my fitness focus dwindled dramatically at the latter end of last year.

The thought of getting up an hour early, bracing the freezing cold and running around the dark and empty Manchester streets just wasn't appealing. However now that it's January it's a whole different story, I enjoy waking up feeling fresh and finding a new route, I enjoy getting a little nod off someone else in high-viz that is equally as keen to get out and shift a few pounds and I enjoy getting a few miles under my belt.

The fact that I have signed up for a few different events I think is definitely motivation…the thought of running 10k right now is a little daunting but I know by March 8th it will be fine.

Having smaller, regular goals to aim for, I find is the best method for achieving bigger more long term goals, for example one of my main goals is to complete a marathon in the next two years, I know to do this I need to get a few more races completed, increase my mileage and train specifically for this, so by doing regular 10k and half marathons, I will stand in good stead in cachieving this goal.

I think this technique can be applied to most situations, small but regular changes to routine can usually aid in achieving larger more long term goals. If it is career related maybe attending a few training courses, widening your experience, networking with new people or just concentrating on the areas of your work that you really love doing will help in building your career and open up new opportunities.

Whether it's being a January jogger or not, the New Year is a great time to plan the year ahead, make time for your goals and start doing the things you always said you would.What are you hoping to achieve this year? Join the discussion...
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