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04 Sep 2014
It's coming up to that time of year again when the whole company goes away for the weekend on our annual team building trip. Every single year without fail it is kept an absolute secret by the organising committee and despite many, many attempts of bribery and persuasion to find out, we never know what's happening until we arrive at the scene.

It is a great opportunity for us as employees of a business to get to know our peers, and as the event title highlights, build relationships between team members. It is usually a great mix of both intellectually and physically stimulating activities. I always look forward to listening to inspirational lectures and motivational speeches which really encourage you to perform better.

What I do not look forward to however, is the guaranteed onslaught of some sort of testing physically activity, such as scaling Scarfel Pike or rowing across a huge lake with a makeshift raft. But one thing I've learnt every time is that if you just push yourself you can achieve anything, and you always walk away from it with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

I think that such team building events are great opportunities for business to improve relations between staff and to create a culture where employees are genuinely motivated to reach their greatest potential - the effects of it really do last all year long.

Keep a look out for blogs after the event to find out what happens this year!

We're heading off to York this afternoon, for two days of...? Check out our social media pages for all the updates!

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