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Keep cape and carry on

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27 Feb 2015
If you didn't see it on the night you would not have been able to miss it in the papers, in the news and all over the internet.

Madonna was expected to make a triumphant return to the Brits stage with her last performance being 20 years ago, but that didn't quite go to plan. The Brits chairman said that this was would be an "unforgettable night of music," and it certainly was.

The internet is full of jokes, views and opinions on the fall but I think that Madonna acted like a true professional, probably in pain, she stood up and carried on with the performance with the minimum of fuss. We have all had those embarrassing moments, none  likely to be on the scale of Madonna's but she's certainly not alone. It can be your actions afterwards that will define your professionalism rather than the actual incident.

If you find yourself in an embarrassing situation, after wishing for the ground to open up underneath you, try to do these four things ….
  1. Put it into context - workplace embarrassments can fall into into three types: those that should be ignored; those that lead to more communication; and those that teach you lessons to improve future actions. Silly embarrassments that don't hurt anyone, such as addressing someone by the wrong name shouldn't cause you sleepless nights. If the issue was more serious, ensure you learn from it so that it is not repeated. 
  2. Laugh at yourself - having a sense of humor shows that you are confident enough to handle it if you make a mistake. If you can laugh along with your co-workers about what you did, it will be easier to get past it. It also shows that you are not perfect and may help build relationships with colleagues.
  3. Move on - the event is already in the past, if you need to address it then address it (as Madonna did on Instagram), if you need to apologise then do so but don't let it weigh you down!
  4. Don't hide away - the quicker you get back to normal the quicker the incident will be forgotten. As long as you have addressed the issue or apologised its business as usual, you'll look far more professional f you do.
There may be people laughing at Madonna, but I think that's a bit mean-spirited. Good on her for getting back up and doing her job well!

Have you ever made a faux paus at work? How did you move past it? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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