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Ladies Day

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24 Apr 2015
This time two weeks ago I was sat at my desk wishing I was somewhere else; Ladies Day, Aintree.

Having lived in Liverpool for over 13 years now, Ladies Day at Aintree for a long time was one of my favourite days. If you have ever been lucky enough to experience Ladies Day in Liverpool then you will know there is a fantastic, infectious energy that surrounds the city.

Although I have not attended for several years, I have incredible memories of the day. On what day - in what other city - will general members of the public tell you that you look lovely or wish you good luck from across the street? The excitement and atmosphere is palpable with many travelling from up and down the country to attend the event.

The focus of Ladies Day is not only the women that attend, but also their outfits. Anyone who has been to Liverpool knows that it has garnered the reputation for the ladies of the city priding themselves on their appearance. Admittedly, this is one of the things I love most about the city; you can go out on a Sunday afternoon and see older and younger women alike putting in a huge effort to look fabulous just to shop in town.

Just like any other occasion in any city, there are always those who get it slightly wrong in terms of their appearance.

However, what I find most frustrating is how the media tends to use Ladies Day at Aintree as an opportunity to depict the women of Liverpool in the worst light possible. Unfortunately, the females at events such as Royal Ascott or Cheltenham are not treated in the same manner.

Is the message then that the women in the North are not a sophisticated as those in the South? It appears now that the tabloids give a false depiction of Liverpool.

Despite this distorted image, Liverpool, continues to develop and attract more investors. 2008 marked the beginning of Liverpool's rejuvenation as it was awarded the title of the European Capital of Culture which saw a celebration of the best of Liverpool's arts, music, sports, heritage and culture. What's more, Liverpool is home to more Grade I and Grade II listed building than any other city other than London. It's impressive history coupled with its recent £3billion economic regeneration has resulted in the city attracting more people as employees relocate due to an increase in career opportunities and also a rise in retention levels from students who attend the four universities located within it.

As a southerner who has chosen to stay in the city since leaving university over 12 years ago, it is interesting to hear and see how some individuals still have a certain stereotypical view of Liverpool. Personally, I'm extremely proud to live and work in what I feel is a fantastic city with so much to offer.

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