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Le Tour de France comes to Yorkshire

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04 Jul 2014

There has been national and international coverage about the upcoming Tour de France and it all kicked off last night with the Opening Ceremony and will be officially starting tomorrow with the Grand Depart from Leeds.

There has been a huge media build up to the event with talks of metres of bunting, yellow bicycles placed around the town and thousands of people expected in the city centre to watch the big event.

Luckily for us our office is right on the starting point for the race and we have been keen to see the spectacle.
However, we have been disappointed! Although, there has been huge talks of the build up - that is all it has been. We have seen a few pop up shops, about 15 yellow bikes, a few signs painted on the floor...but nothing more.

The road the race is setting off from is bare from bunting and you can't see much sign of a celebration.

There has been a platform set up for Wills and Kate (who we are more excited about seeing) with some signs around the edge. However, even these are pitiable - they have patronising 'Yorkshire' phrases, such as "ee by gum", alongside French phrases such as "ooh la la".

Despite my moaning, which is a favourite British pastime, we will be camping out early in the morning to see the Grand Depart.

Hopefully, with less than 24 hours some last minute preparations go up and we see plenty of bunting to help kick off the 101st Tour de France from Yorkshire!

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