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Leadership - what are the key drivers for success?

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14 Nov 2014
Recently I was fortunate enough to attend an internal course facilitated by the Group Director of the Sellick Partnership Board, Rob Gee titled 'Thinking like a Leader'. The session brought together all the managers in our business to look at leadership techniques and strategies, and I really value how Sellick Partnership have always provided top quality training for me at every stage of my career.

I found the course very interesting on a personal level too. I recently finished Malala Yousafazi's book "I am Malala" and have started reading Richard Branson's book "The Virgin Way". For me, both of these individuals are inspirational leaders in their own right and I love being able to analyse and draw comparisons as to how and why they have been able to lead.

As the manager of the Liverpool office, I am constantly evaluating how I am doing in my role as the leader of the team and how I can improve, to ensure the team deliver to a high standard and are engaged and committed in their careers and the wider business.

During the course, Rob Gee talked us through an insightful survey conducted by Towers Perrin in 2012 where the following factors were highlighted as key engagement drivers for employees:

1. Showing an interest in your employees

2. The ability to improve their skills

3. The ability to demonstrate certain values. These values included: influence in company decisions, demonstrating authority in making decisions, company focus on customer satisfaction, commitment to maintaining a good overall work environment for employees and a fair and consistent pay determination.

I found it quite reassuring to stop for a moment and take a view on our engagement efforts. Whilst I was pleasantly pleased and reassured that I felt comfortable with all of the above, I of course noted that there is always room for improvement. I know that my teams value trust and the autonomy that that have in their role, as well as honest communication and solid decision making from me and the senior management team.

As always ensuring two way communication to ensure that teams are able to raise any issues, is such an important part of leadership. This is why we've recently started a staff forum at Sellick Partnership. This forum has proved to be a really positive way for the whole business to suggest improvements to the business and we've already implemented changes to policy and practices from this forum.

I belive that whether you are new to leadership role or have years of experience, there is always something new to learn. Leading a team is by far the most challenging part of my role, and I know from speaking to candidates and colleagues over the years, it is something that requires patience, confidence and constant reassessment. I'm not sure it's possible to be a perfect leader, but we should always be striving to be that...

Are you in a leadership role? What are your key drivers for leading your team to success? Join the discussion below. 
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