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Lessons that can be learnt from 'The Apprentice'

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03 Dec 2014
I had never watched 'The Apprentice' until last year, and already this year, I am well and truly hooked. Whilst it is incredibly entertaining and somewhat flabbergasting at times, it can be a great opportunity to learn some useful lessons that can be applied in the workplace.

1. Understand your audience - I am not surprised that James has been fired. Each week he was full of enthusiasm and energy but week after week I think he demonstrated a lack of understanding of his audience. Viewers have watched him overselling products, trying to negotiate deals inappropriately and not understanding his audience well enough to be able to negotiate more impressive deals.

2. Don't shy away from taking the lead - Early in the series, Lord Sugar suggested to Robert that he should take on the position of Project Manager on a task which was in his area of expertise. Robert didn't step up to the challenge, and not wanting to be blamed for any failure, decided not to take on the position. Unsurprisingly, Robert found himself fired when he got to the Boardroom!

3. Don't lose sight of the end goal - Each week, the candidates who make the most profit win. Amazingly, during the challenges, the candidates seem to lose sight of this very quickly amongst their bickering and disagreements. In one of the earlier weeks, we saw one group make the decision to not pick up some t-shirts that they had paid to have printed to sell on to make a profit as part of their challenge. Even selling these for a small margin would have made a difference to their profit. This was a very costly mistake, which saw them lose the task.

4. Don't lose sight of common sense - Earlier in the series, Bianca promised a small retailer that they could stock their product exclusively within the Borough of London in which they were based. This was before an important pitch to a large retailer whose flagship store was in the same Borough. This came just a week after she told a group of people that they were her last chance to sell tickets on their coach tour. Hopefully Bianca will show a bit more common sense this week otherwise she may find herself being fired too!

I'm sure there will be a lot more lessons to learn in the remainder of the series; I think it will certainly make for some interesting, if not frustrating viewing!

Who needs to be fired next? If you've been tuning in then let us know what you think
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