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International Festival for Business 2014

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14 Jul 2014

Myself and my colleagues here in the Liverpool office attended the International Festival for Business 2014 last week in the Cunard Building.

This particular event - entitled Grow Your Own Talent - spanned two days and was supported by the University of Liverpool, chaired by Jenny Stewart, CEO Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, and began with an overview from Joe Anderson, the Mayor of Liverpool. 

Joe told us his story and journey in life; he left school at the age of 16 and joined the Merchant Navy and then spent 12 years at sea. After leaving the navy, he returned to Liverpool and studied for a degree in social work, then moving into educational welfare. Joe was elected to Liverpool City Council in 1998. He became leader of the Labour Group on the council 3 years later and following the 2010 election he became leader of the council.

Joe has since developed the city's economy, and creating new jobs, schools and homes are his priorities for Liverpool which was all good to hear and gave the event a very positive atmosphere.

We then heard from the celebrity presenter and speaker Ben Fogle discussing The Employer Journey and going about getting the best out of work-life balance and making every step an adventure.

There was also various other speakers from CIPD, Kaplan, Barclays and the Liverpool City Region Apprenticeship Hub who each talked about preparing young talent for the workplace, in particular apprenticeships, and how they can benefit employers in growing their own talent.

It was apparent that with the number of work opportunities and programmes increasing, the event wanted to deliver clear and practical advice to the employment sector and focused on both traditional methods of recruitment as well as offering an in-depth look at the dynamic schemes designed to engage employers with employees, such as apprenticeships and traineeships.

There was also an interesting speech from Jason Holt, CE0 from Holts Group, about how he has used apprenticeships and how they have worked for him. I found this particularly interesting and it was good to hear from all the speakers as they were very positive about giving young people a better chance and start in life.

I felt that it was also very optimistic about the growth of the economy and how it's down to each of us as individuals to assist with this; it's only us who can make things happen for ourselves and with our own motivations and desires to succeed we can change things for the better.

Have you attended this year's International Festival for Business or already seen the affect it's had on the businesses of Liverpool? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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