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LinkedIn - Who's Viewed Your Profile?

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24 Mar 2014

LinkedIn is fast gaining a reputation. Just as you've got to grips with creating polls (and getting people to actually vote), they remove them. No sooner have you got to grips with where news is kept, they change the name to 'Pulse' and hide it away under interests.

One of the most recent changes - made in the form of removing individual activity feeds from each users profile - has had many people up in arms. The update of the 'Who's Viewed Your Profile?' section, however, is sure to have people coming back around to the ways of the professional platform.

The section now has a much more modern feel and is something that could really be of benefit to individuals. As well as the familiar features of how many people have viewed your profile and an overview of who they were, you now have access to information regarding how those people found you, which industries they work in, and their job titles.

How could we potentially use this information to advance our careers and connections on LinkedIn?

On the face of it, the main benefit is still being able to see how many times you're popping up in a search - if there's been a huge dip in the amount of people viewing your profile over the past month, perhaps it's time for a refresh of your skills and summary, adding in relevant keywords to boost your rankings in search results.

But you now have the ability to dig deeper.

If you're a legal professional and predominantly those in the financial sector are viewing your profile, it's probably a good idea to take a look at sections such as your interests, job descriptions and endorsements to make sure you're attracting positive connections. A simple activity is to see which skills are your most endorsed - the higher they are in the list, the more likely people will find you via a search for these abilities.

Currently seeking a new role? As you can now view a summary of the job titles held by the people who have viewed your profile, you can see whether you're attracting the interest of recruiters and managers in your field, or if you're only getting viewed by irrelevant connections.

There's also a new function which provides you with suggestions as to how to improve your profile views so you no longer have to second guess what could help. Suggestions of skills to list, if you need to update your contact details or add some links for people to follow in your 'Contact Details' section are all generated at the bottom of the page and change on a frequent basis in line with actions you take within the website.

Explore this new function, consider the impact it could have on your job search and how you could use it to your advantage. You'll be an all-star in no time.

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