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13 Nov 2014
The lead up to Christmas presents a huge marketing opportunity for many organisations and the chance to optimise seasonal sales by generating excitement around company products and brands. This year, John Lewis has triumphed again and immediately after the social media launch of their Christmas advert the retail giant became the talk of the country. Every year, they set out to capture the heart of the nation with a warming story encompassing love, joy and happiness throughout the festive period and this year has been no exception.  
This year's advertisement tells the story of a little boy Sam who gives his best friend Monty exactly what he has been dreaming of for Christmas.  Although the unlikely pairing have a wonderful time being friends together; playing football, bouncing on the trampoline and playing hide and seek, Monty's life isn't quite complete.
On his adventures with Sam, Monty notices several happy human couples and begins to long for companionship himself. Having realised how upset Monty is, Sam is determined to cheer him up by giving him what he has been longing for. At the end of the short story, on Christmas morning Monty is overjoyed when he is presented with a new friend in the form of female penguin, Mabel.
The story features all things festive; sledging, snow and Christmas trees and really gets the audience in the Christmas mood. It truly tugs at the heart strings and true to form, is beautifully complimented by haunting music which draws the audience in. Tom Odell covers John Lennon's 'Real love' featuring the lyrics 'no need to be alone, it's real love' cleverly fitting in with the festive tale.
Monty of course is not a real penguin, simply a figment of Tom's imagination in the form of a soft toy. Christmas is all about the magic of make believe and John Lewis have captured this perfectly.
The continuous efforts by John Lewis with their signature adverts is beginning to define Christmas just like the infamous 'Holidays are coming' Coca Cola truck commercials.
The story coupled with the memorable tag line "Give someone the Christmas they've been dreaming of" connects with the audience and presents a situation they can relate to - having someone to love of course, not being best friends with a penguin. In a money-making fight to release the most impressive and unforgettable campaign, John Lewis certainly set the bar high.
Sam, Monty and Mabel's story is an effective way to boost their company message and increase product popularity whilst catching the attention of an audience, consequently standing out from their competition translating into profit. Within the first weekend of Monty and Mabel merchandise sales, John Lewis completely sold out of all penguin plush toys.
The key to successful advertising is to capture the mind and imagination of the audience and John Lewis have undoubtedly been successful in doing so, thus becoming one of the most talked about advertising campaigns on our screens today.

If you haven't seen the advert already, take a look at Monty the penguin here
Have you established an effective marketing campaign to capture your audience and increase sales over the festive period?
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