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Making the most of August...

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08 Aug 2014

The sun is (mostly) shining, each night at five o'clock employees across the country flood from their offices to spill outside of pubs, or rush home to fire up the barbeque. The warm weather makes the day seem longer and when it's too hot to sleep, we all struggle to not hit the snooze button again in the morning.

Most of your team are on annual leave, so the office lacks that usual energy and your motivation levels can wain a little; that filing you'd been postponing all year seems far too tedious a task, and if your boss is away, maybe you are struggling to really focus on that to-do list.

August - month of lethargy, or an opportunity to reassess?

It's time for a reality check, maybe August is a chance for you to wind down, tidy up and prepare for a challenging autumn to take you through to Christmas. Or maybe you are enjoying some down time between projects and actually getting some of those day to day chores done.

But if not, if that feeling is all too familiar, then maybe it's time to start thinking about what it is you want...

If you are finding it harder to get motivated or are feeling comfortable rather than challenged, it might be time to start considering that next career move.

While it's always a daunting process, you couldn't have picked a better time. With the economy boosted above its pre-crisis peak, businesses are forecasting for long term growth and acknowledging that they need the best people in order to meet these more challenging targets. Our recent Salary and Market guide for the finance and accountancy sector found that 43% of people questioned were looking to move jobs in the next six months, and recent reports have shown that employers are crying out for qualified and experienced personnel to join their teams.

August is notoriously a bad month for job hunting as decision makers tend to be away on holiday, but you can certainly start to prepare.

Firstly, consider what it is you want.
Is it more money, better work life balance, management experience, less direct reports, more interesting projects, different types of work, more holiday, better benefits, private practice, public sector, in-house...? The opportunities are endless so think about what is important to you.

Second, update your CV.
Include all relevant training and think about transferable skills. Within the financial sector, employers will look for leadership, commitment and commerciality from their candidates, whether it's direct experience or an aptitude for these skills - consider how you can demonstrate this in your CV.

Third, research what you can expect to earn.
Our Salary and Market guide is a great place to start, we questioned over 500 accounts and finance professionals in the North West, North East and the Midlands earlier this year, and the guide presents information on the salary finance and accountancy professionals can expect to earn by region, as well as providing information on employee benefits and market trends.

Finally, speak to a recruitment business.
Recruiters are aware of new roles first and will also spend time with you to understand if your skills and personality will be a fit for you and for the business. This means that the best candidates hear about the best jobs and understand how their experience can be matched to ensure those top needs of the employer are met.

August in the office might mean that you have spent a day near the shredder or finally emptying that inbox, but by no means does it need to feel unproductive!

Click here to request a copy of the Salary and Market Guide and visit our website to see the latest roles in your area.

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