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Making the most of summer

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01 Jul 2014

With summer well and truly upon us and more sunny days than rainy days, I have noticed a real uplift in the moods and spirits of those around me.

I have heard many colleagues and candidates say that the good weather has had a really positive affect both on their moods and overall wellbeing.

There are numerous theories and research projects on the market which set out to assess and examine the impact of sunlight on mood, with some studies linking the lack of sunlight and long hours in claustrophobic offices to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Although it appears that sick days are at a record low, with employers recognising the need for investment in absence management, long-term absence due to mental health issues appear to be increasing. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see whether the increased sunshine hours in the coming months reduce this time off and give people the boost they need to get to work.

I have always been a big fan of light and think it is a great idea to have offices with large and airy windows which allow for some breathing space and windows which allow the sunshien in. Summer is a fantastic time to socialise, enjoy BBQs, top up on the much needed and beneficial vitamin D, go for long walks in your local park and wind down after a hard days work.

With all UK workers now having the legal right to request flexible working, it is a great time of year to reap the benefits of such a scheme and take full advantage of the brighter days by starting or finishing earlier.

Are you feeling a difference in the mood of your team and yourself with the changing seasons? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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