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Me and Mo take on the London Marathon!

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03 Apr 2014

Fed up of people asking you for your money for charity? Difficult one isn't it!

It can feel like an impossible task, deciding how to spread the money that you give to charity each year. Some people are firm believers that charity starts at home and I understand that. I know a colleague who happily gives a handsome donation for his poppy each year, and two close friends who in the last year have gone above and beyond to raise money for charities that are very close to their hearts.

But how do we as individuals decide who to give to? We can't possibly give to them all - can we? We're all constantly reminded by TV adverts and events such as Sport Relief that there are so many worthy causes out there.

A colleague of mine Rachel Smith, who has recently been working hard to raise the awareness of ovarian cancer, recently made a really interesting observation - whilst collecting money with a fundraising team at Liverpool Lime Street, Rachel noted that on the day it was younger people and those who you might perceive as not having much money were the ones who were keen to support the cause.

Now, I think we are all wise enough to "not judge a book by its cover," but still I found this quite interesting.

The recent budget announcement has sparked many topical conversations, including "Are our current government so far removed that they don't really understand how every day people live?" A recent Sports Relief programme addressed this concept; are 'posh' people too far removed that they don't believe there is a need for food banks in the UK?

Obviously I don't think it's all as black and white as that - but it does remind me that no matter how cynical I might get with old age it really would be a sad day if people stopped taking part in fundraising efforts, no matter in what capacity, there truly is a need out there.

Recent events such as Sport Relief and the "no make-up selfie" craze on social media that has raised over £8million in just a few days for cancer charities proves that the UK can be proud of its efforts to raise money for charity.

Even though we are in a time where we are always being asked for money for charity, let's try not to get too cynical about it all but rather keep giving what you can.

With this in mind, I'm running the London marathon to raise money for a great cause: Banardo's.

Have I been training hard through the winter months? Yes! Will I enjoy the day and gain personal health benefits? Yes. Will I be asking for money to donate to my chosen cause? Probably!

Please give generously at the following link and remember the difference any donation can make:

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