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Moving from a sales role to recruitment...

10 Feb 2015

Now I have been at Sellick Partnership for a few months, I thought I would write a blog about why I chose to move from a sales role into recruitment and why I chose Sellick Partnership.

Even though I had a lot of previous experience in sales, being new to Sellick Partnership and the recruitment industry meant I had a lot to learn; and I still do.

I started working for Sellick Partnership the beginning of June 2014 after leaving a well known electronics company. I was there for five years and had worked my way up to be an account manager, which from very early stages in my career I knew that was what I wanted to become. However in my five years there, I learnt an awful lot about the industry and also found I had a hunger for sales.

After researching recruitment and a lot of thinking, I decided it was time for a career move. Whilst my previous firm had given me invaluable experience in the world of sales, unfortunately the electronic industry was not the career for me. I wanted to work for a company that had the same values as me, but also potential for career development and the chance to be successful, which my previous firm did offer for me.

I was drawn to Sellick Partnership after looking at the Work For Us microsite, where I saw that the company was clearly very succesful and growing, but also had a really fun working environment. It was after my first interview that I knew Sellick Partnership was the right choice for me.

As a business, Sellick Partnership promotes individual and team development and really wants all employees to succeed.  The fact that Sellick Partnership is a multi-office company was also an aspect which appealed to me; I wanted the prestige and security of a large company as I was going to be leaving a very established company who looked after their staff extremely well.

Several months on I know that I have made the right choice. My team and manager have made me feel extremely welcome and I am excited to what my future holds here at Sellick Partnership.  

Have you got sales experience but are looking for a new challenge? Have you considered a career in recruitment? Find out more about working at Sellick Partnership by visiting the Work For Us microsite.
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