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New Office, New Attitude

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13 Jan 2014

Here in Leeds we have recently moved to new premises and it could not have come at a better time. Everybody always welcomes the Christmas break and comes back to work refreshed and ready to start a new year of work - however, here in the Leeds office, we came back to a brand new office too!

Our new office has two bright meeting rooms, fantastic views across Leeds and a balcony for us to enjoy in the summer. Having these new surroundings has really brightened up our whole team. Furthermore, it is not just new premises; we have received some new computers, new chairs, even a new kettle in our team colour! It's the little things which give everyone a boost, even kitchen accessories.

We also have dedicated areas within our office for training and development, something Sellick Partnership are always building on. Following these changes, we have all come back with a better attitude ready to get our heads down to focus on our work.

I was personally quite surprised - and pleased - at how much this environment change affected us.

It is widely reported that, following a few positive quarters, companies must really build on investment for the economy to sustain long-term recovery. This is not only in terms of advertising, marketing and external investments. It also means companies should invest internally in themselves and their employees.

This office move has shown me first-hand just important this can be. Our new location highlights how significant it is for companies to invest in themselves; it can increase work productivity, team morale and, ultimately, improve business.

Overall we have had a great start to our new year, with a new attitude in our new office.

If you would like to share your ideas on office investments and their effects, please comment below or feel free to e-mail me at Furthermore, if you are interested in working in our new offices and with the Leeds team, visit our careers microsite here.

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