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New routes to qualify – how will you enter the profession?

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13 Aug 2014

I read on the Law Gazette recently that the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) has established new regulations which mean that LPC graduates may be able to qualify as a Solicitor without having to complete a training contract.

The Director of Policy at the SRA states that:

"We have been less prescriptive about educational inputs and refocused on outcomes - if an individual can show that they meet the work-based learning outcomes we have specified, without having met them under the terms of a formal training contract, we will recognise this as valid learning."

Having read through the article and the comments which followed, it seems that the new regulations have been met with some heavy criticism, namely from those who are already qualified and who have significant experience in working in the legal profession.

On the other side, there seems to be a lot of support in favour of experience over qualification, and what that can bring to the profession. It appears that a large part of the controversy is from those who experienced how hard it is to get a training contract, and those who have worked at a low level to achieve substantial experience in order to secure the training contract.

Another issue seems to be around the fundamental training aspect of it, and whether those who qualify under the new regulations will be able to provide the same standard of work, with the same knowledge and experience that is received throughout the two year training contract.

Reading through a lot of the comments on the website, some seem to favour the argument that it is experience, rather than qualification, that makes the difference.

Which do you believe is better; holding the specific qualification, or having 10 years experience in your chosen field?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts - are you in favour of the long standing method of qualification, or are you interested in the new method? What impact will these have on those working in the legal profession? Please leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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