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New Year, new attitude?

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08 Jan 2014

As another New Year rolls in, I've always found January to be a particularly conflicting time. Mentally we are encouraged to start afresh and motivate ourselves with a new positive attitude and outlook and, like many of us, I have compiled a small list of resolutions I intend to stick to over the next twelve months (or at least the majority of).

However, I find it difficult to kick-start such aspirations when we have the 'January Blues' to contend with.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that there are only a few redeeming qualities about January - especially with a tight bank balance, increased waistline and cold winter weather to battle with. In fact, if you just Google 'January Blues' you will stumble upon hundreds of doom-and-gloom articles about why this is the 'worst' month of the year. After scrolling through several reads myself, it wasn't long before I wanted to give up completely and not leave my bed until February.

It was then I realised how consuming negative news articles can be - pessimism can be dangerously contagious.

We're all familiar with the saying 'bad press is good press' - it's a shame that we tend to find ourselves more engaged in the 'bad' than the 'good'. Just recently I read an article about the estimated 2014 forecasting of our economic climate; it's been predicted that we can finally expect a more 'normal' economy with the strengthening of the pound and rising of wages. I immediately scrolled down to the online comments which were flooded with skeptical debate. Regardless of how positive a news story can be, it seems cynicism can always be found just around the corner.

It's easy to to get caught up in everybody elses negative stance and take a swipe at January, but why make it worse for ourselves and continually compain? We should view this month as a time to banish the post holiday slump and press the re-set button. If your purse strings are feeling tighter than usual, stay in and plan some objectives for the year.

Unsurprisingly, January is popular time for unhappy employees to seek greener pastures - if you're looking to jump ship, why not spend some time working on your CV or updating your Linkedin account? Use this precious time to do the jobs you've been previously delaying; good things come to those who do, not those who wait.

If you are looking for a new role as part of your resolutions, why not take a look at the current legal and finance vacancies we have available? Alternatively, locate your regional Sellick Partnership office and contact them directly to discuss your career objectives.

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